Top 10 VPN-tilbydere for Norge – 2015

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File Secure Free: Steng tilgangen til minnepluggen

Nyttig og smart sikkerhetsverktøy for minnepluggen.

  • Password Protect Folder and File protect_folder1

  • Password Protect USB Drive usb_lock2

  • File Shredder to Delete Confidential Files Permanently file_shredder3

  • File Backup to Keep Your Material Safe file_backup4

  • read_fsf view_fsf1 download_file

The best cloud data backup

Google Drive and iCloud are the default backup for most of us, storing our documents and media. But there are more secure options — we’ve tested them and selected the best. find more 58x20

Why Do I follow a site? provides you to get information which you are looking for a web site. This information may be HTML structure or Estimated visitors on the site or sometingh like these. You may want to know what’s happening a site that you’re searching. Follow these site and get te all informations you want.

Follow Sites Steps

As above, first of all search your sites, check out the infos and follow them.

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Hvordan finne ut om du har spionvare på PC-en?



Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (gratis)

Bitdefender Total Security 2016

Kaspersky Internet Security (30 dagers prøveversjon, ellers $60 for ett år)

Trend Micro Internet Security (Gratis prøveversjon, ellers £35 for ett år)


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